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Category: 2D

Line Command Autocad, Ortho Line Autocad

Line Command Autocad Line :- Creates straight line segments. With LINE, you can create a series of contiguous line segments. Each segment is a line object that can be edited separately. ( Shortcut Of Line = L ) L                                   […]

Circle, 2P circle, 3P circle, TTR circle

Autocad, Circle, 2P, 3P, TTR Circle  Draws a circle by letting the user specify the center point, then dictating the circle’s size by entering a value for either the circle’s radius or its diameter. Another option to creating a circle with this command is to specify three points on the circle’s circumference, two end-points of […]

Move, Copy

Move The user may dictate the direction and length of a move of specified objects by indicating two points which define a vector between the objects. ( Shortcut  = M ) M                                                […]

Erase, Mirror, Offset

Erase This removes a selected group of entities, which may be entered before or after the command it self is entered. ( Shortcut  = E ) E                                                            […]

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